British men do it best

I often spend hours looking through pictures of celebrities on the red carpet and have come to this conclusion; British men do it  best. You can definitely see a sort of  trendy vibe, London influence in the British men’s style which sets them miles apart from the American celebrities.

The three men in particular who always seem to get it spot on are actor Douglas Booth, actor Jamie Campbell Bower and model David Gandy. Each are effortlessly cool and always manage to come across well tailored, individual and fashion forward. They are some of the best dressed men in the public eye without a doubt. I think it is completely admirable that they have such a passion for the fashion industry and take pride in their appearance.

I could relate most to Jamie’s style and often see him in clothes that I would love to wear myself and take inspiration from his look.



Stay away from the Ora-ble

Am I the only one who thinks that Rita Ora is so hit and miss with her fashion sense? Some days she can look amazing and I am like ‘yaaaas’, but then others I literally think ‘what are you doing?!’. I don’t understand how she can repeatedly get it either so right or so wrong. I appreciate the fact that she likes to take risks and go for edgy looks, but taking risks only pays off when you properly have a true sense of your personal style and identity.

The first example of how she can go so wrong would be in the Roberto Cavalli gown on the red carpet. The only element of the gown I actually like would be the collar.. but on a coat. The gown does nothing for her chest and body; it makes her chest look flat and oddly shaped. Another issue I have with this would be the length, maybe if this was shorter and without the collar I wouldn’t have such a problem with it. I think this is a horrendous look for her and, being only 23 years old, it looks too mature for her.

The next example of how the singer can go so wrong was in the Moschino red trousers. I understand that some of the fashionistas of the world will think they are so edgy and cool, but all I am getting is literal McDonald’s worker, especially with the blouse.


When Rita Ora gets it right, however, she does it so good! Seen at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in a Miu Miu ivory lace peplum dress, she looked incredible.  The proportions of the dress made her look longer and the peplum fell at the right place on her. I wish she would emulate this look more because she truly does look like a star. I think I prefer her with longer hair because it just frames her face nicer.

I hope she will be able to find an identity for herself so we will see less of the ‘so wrongs’ in the future!

Splash, not a wave

David Beckham launched his new swimwear collection for H&M, and I have to say, I am a little underwhelmed. I do like the khaki swim shorts and probably would wear them but this whole collection is not innovative enough or fresh. I know there isn’t much you can do with men’s swim wear but I would have least like to see a better colour pallet, design, cut, or print, something to get excited over.

I read somewhere that he wanted to create ‘classics’ for the swim wear extension to his David Beckham Bodywear collection, but these have already been done before. Granted, yes, they are classic in design but it isn’t innovative enough for me.

This collection will sell purely because they are ‘by David Beckham’. Good for H&M though for exploiting David Beckham as a brand, the extra profit he is probably making them and himself must be crazy. I think the promo shots are extremely clever as well, most of the focus in on him and you hardly even notice the collection. People will buy these for their partners in the hope they look like David Beckham and men will buy them in the hope to look like him!


The 38 year old footballer turned designer does look good in them though. I could only hope to one day look as good as him,  and I am a fan of the tattoos, which cause some controversy among people. Overall these are nothing to get excited over and I doubt I will be rushing down to H&M to purchase them for my summer holidays.

Unquestionable Perfection

It is no secret that British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an obsession of mine; she is without a doubt the most beautiful human being alive. When I saw these pictures of her at the Vogue Festival in March 2014 I literally died. She looks unquestionably perfect.

A lot of women in the public eye will choose to flaunt their skin, dress provocatively and lack class, but Rosie is the perfect role model of how women should be dressing; with elegance, class and style. She wore a pale blue cutaway Marios Schwab dress with a pastel pink jacket over her shoulders. I love the tone of her Givenchy’s Antigona tote bag, it really compliments the pastel pallet of her dress and jacket well.

Yes, I know she IS a supermodel but a lot of women could adapt her look and pull this look off. The size of the sunglasses help a lot, any woman can look better in a good big pair of sunglasses. I wish you saw more women in the media dressing how she does. It is quite sad when celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna etc, take off their clothes to get attention, because a lot of young girls will look up to them. Rosie is a prime example of not having to take your clothes off for attention and letting beauty speak for itself.


Kit Harington for Jimmy Choo

So it has been revealed that ‘Game of Thrones’ British actor Kit Harington will become the face of the new men’s collection for Jimmy Choo. I have to say, I am glad that these actors are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The series, in which Kit plays bastard warrior Jon Snow, is amazing.. I am obsessed with it and cannot wait for the fourth series to return shortly.

I think it is commendable that Jimmy Choo have chosen somebody like him to be the face of their collection. They are talented actors but you don’t really hear much about the cast outside of the series. I think the 27 year old actor is a great choice for the brand as Jimmy Choo is quite sexy and he can pull of the smoldering look extremely well.

I look forward to seeing how his campaigns turn out when they are released in September 2014 and I know they are going to be amazing.


Emma Watson for Elle

Emma Watson on the April 2014 cover of Elle. She looks incredible, I much prefer her with longer hair. I don’t think she suited that short pixie crop that she had for a while. I am not so sure about the western double denim styling though? I am quite underwhelmed. The fashionista’s of the world are probably going to love this look because it is so weird but I am not so sure.

She has come a long way from the Harry Potter days, and her taste in fashion in impeccable. My favourite look ever of hers would definitely have to be the backless red Dior couture ‘pant-dress’ at the 2014 Golden Globes. It was so chic from the front but then so edgy from the back.


Jenny from the actual block

Having previously applauded Cheryl Cole on her outfit choice for the press conference for The X Factor,  the same cannot be said for American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. When I first saw her in those hot pink top and trousers on the way to record American Idol, I did actually quite like them, but really looking at the image, I am not a fan. She looks like a bit like one of those scruffy mums you would see shopping at Lidl in their velour hot pink tracksuits.

I think the way JLo has styled this outfit is what I have the problem with the most. I don’t like the bracelets, I feel they cheapen her look, along with the necklace and the earrings. This outfit had the potential to be amazing, because it is so bold and the cut on her makes her body look amazing (and to be honest, it really is considering she is 44 years old!). The nude shoe as well I do not like, I understand why she chose them, because the outfit was such a statement, she wanted some simplicity, but I would have preferred something a little more edgy.

This outfit literally had so much potential but due to poor styling choices it really did not WOW me.


Without sounding too negative though in this post, I have actually met/seen JLo in real life, up close and personal and she is b-e-a-u-tiful. I was going up the escalator in Topman and a load of people were taking photos of me, so I was a bit like, ‘Okay, I look good today?!’ but alas, one step down from me was Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and a massive body guard. I was extremely star struck because you don’t expect that to happen to you! They were in the store for about 2 minutes, looked at some ugly shorts and then had to leave because they got mobbed.