The Best and Worst of Kesha

After hearing the news that Kesha has completed her stay in rehab for her eating disorder, I felt it only right to discuss the best and the worst looks as a celebration of the 27 year old singer. She rose to fame with her debut single ‘Tik Tok’ in 2010 and, to be fair, she’s had more miss’ than hits on the red carpet, but as she is trying to reinvent herself after rehab (she’s dropped the $ from her name) I am hoping she will start dressing like a pop star and not a pop tart.

The best she has ever looked without a doubt would have to be at the 2013 American Music Awards. She wore a Michael Costello black dress with pastel blue and pink hair. I have never ever seen her look so amazing. Usually she has the tendency to look a bit dirty, but the makeup was tasteful and polished so already from the neck up she was perfect. I love how high the slit went, it made the 5’8 singer look longer and slimmer and gave the black dress a little pop. She should try to dress more like this for the red carpet and leave the whacky bold statements for her performances on stage.

The worst, and oh my god it was horrendous, would have to be at the 2010 EMAs in Madrid. I know she is known for being a bit out there and ‘crazy’ but what was she thinking? She wore a neon green, glittery leotard with a birds nest on her head and neon paint all over her. Surely she did not leave the hotel thinking she looked good? I get the angle she is coming from, she wanted to stand out but this just looked dirty.  The leotard didn’t do her any favours and I guess she thought the vertical stripes would make her look slimmer but it just didn’t work. Let’s leave this kind of look in the past, Kesha.


With her rainbow hair leaving rehab in a jumper saying ‘I’m a Survivor’, she looked happy and rejuvenated. I feel we are going to see a big transformation from her now and I am excited to see how she embraces the new image. (I am also a massive fan  of hers so can’t wait for her to release some new music)


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